Aboriginal Singer Makes Her First Mark

IsKwe Black Swan Look


Over eight years in the making, last Wednesday singer/songwriter IsKwé (pronounced iss-kway) released her debut album. She worked on the album with producers in LA, NYC, and Toronto while she fulfilled her wanderlust ways.


The self-titled album, IsKwé, is available on iTunes and features ten tracks, including Recycle, which features an appearance by M1 of Dead Prez. “Working with M1 was the highlight of creating this album,” she says.


Another standout track, Wandering, is one that is IsKwé is consistently asked about as fans wonder who she’s talking about in the song. “It’s about feeling lost and trying to find your way back,” she says. “But I was actually writing about my music career, funny enough. I had just moved to LA, and was feeling a little lost in all the lights.”


Photo: Tyson Anderson
Photo: Tyson Anderson

This Cree/Dene and Irish crooner is inspired by her Aboriginal heritage, and more specifically the Aboriginal arts community. “I find peoples creativity to really motivate my own, especially when I see brilliant Indigenous talent across mediums,” she says. “I love watching our designers really take a stand in the mainstream fashion markets. I’m finding a lot of new inspiration for me is actually coming from observing our indigenous designers.”


“I hope that people walk away with feelings,” IsKwé says. “I know that sounds simple enough, but basically I just hope for it to resonate however folks need it to resonate.” Sample some tracks by this emerging talent on SoundCloud and support Aboriginal talent by purchasing the album on iTunes. Don’t forget to let the music marinate.


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