Faces of Pow Wow



Candice Ward  (Kehewin Cree Nation in Treaty 6) is a Calgary based freelance photojournalist who freelances with Metro Calgary, Chicago Tribune, and the Calgary Sun. She loves to shoot sports, but can also be caught creating beautiful boudoir images, portraits, and photos of her Weimeraner Juno.


Ward recently started a new project that digs deep into her cultural ties. Her first set of this ‘Faces of Pow Wow’ series began last September at the Treaty 7 Heritage Park Pow Wow in Calgary.




“I started this serious because I love portraits and I love this part of my culture. I love the modern spin on the old traditions,” Ward says. “I also love seeing all ages and sexes coming together to take part in something that bonds them together.”


She considers it very important to show the positivity of Native culture through this project as pow wows are all about connection and cultural celebration.




Pow wow participants were happy to come and have their photo taken and be a part of this project. What she didn’t expect was for some of the posing to take place.


“Men who would laugh and smile when the camera was down would then be serious or stoic when I went to take their photos,” Ward says.


Tim Munro


The images are absolutely striking, whether or not the dancers in their decked-out regalia chose to smile or be stoic. She will be continuing this series forever as she enjoys it immensely. Follow her on her site, at Candice Ward Photography.


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