Old School Style

For hundreds of years the American Indian has inspired, informed and fuelled the garment industry. From the fur trade of yesteryear to the most sought after high fashion runways. Traditional style has always been iconic. Drawing on the beauty of handcrafted leather goods, beadwork and  natural furs the native style is incomparable and nostalgic.

Sarain Fox recently visited Arizona, the traditional lands of the Navajo, Zuni and Hopi people. Tribes known for impeccable style and superior handcrafted jewellery.




While visiting Phoenix, Arizona Sarain was asked to model some beautiful hand crafted leather dresses, traditional squash blossom necklaces and a handcrafted bow and arrow. The shoot was styled by elder Pauline Sanchez, a well-known figure in the community. Mother of seven and the very first indigenous “parent of the year” in the USA. She fashioned Sarain in leathers she had made herself and heirloom jewellery. It is an absolute honour to have access to such precious articles. Sarain contributed to the shoot by adding her Annie McKay Story boots to the look. A perfect mix of northern and southern indigenous style. What a collaboration.

On a perfect desert day, just before sunset Sarain and photographer Lehi Sanchez journeyed up the red mountain. The sky was particularly gorgeous that day and it seemed as though magic was in the air. Take a look at the images captured that day. A testament to roots of North American fashion.



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