Rugged Canadian Style

Its called the “Street Moccasin.” However with a Vibram sole, durable suede outer and fleece lined footbed its far from just street worthy. It’s a moccasin deserving of a walk in the woods. Whether it’s a leisurely stroll or its time for some afternoon chores. The Street Moccasin is perfect for those southern winters. Check out this photo from an outing into the Site Graves National Forest in Arizona. It’s a perfect example of how all of North America appreciates what we have perfected here in Canada; rugged, stylish and traditional fashion.


“I wore my Street Moccasins while roaming the Arizona wilderness in search of the perfect tree for the holidays. Its a family tradition to get our own! I was cozy, warm and had no problems navigating the vast rugged terrain.”


Bring Manitobah Mukluks along for all your adventures, from the heart of the city to the depths of the woods.


Rugged Canadian Style/ ThunderCloud Photography



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