Storyboot Project 2014 // Call for ARTISTS



Manitobah Mukluks is looking for new artists for the Storyboot Project.

Are you an expert mukluk or moccasin maker? Are you interested in showcasing and selling your one-of-a-kind pieces to a world-wide audience?


Simply email with the following information:

1. Your name

2. Your bio, background & work style

3. Photo (s) of your work & prices


About the Storyboot Project: 

As an Aboriginal-owned footwear company, our vision is to build a vibrant, global brand that makes a significant social impact in Aboriginal communities. Part of that commitment means supporting and showcasing living artists who continue to make mukluks and moccasins the traditional way. Each artist that we showcase has a unique story to tell and all of the money that is made from the sale of their work goes directly back to them. Along with keeping traditions alive, this practice serves to increase the value of hand-made mukluks and moccasins.


Artist Showcase: Rosa Scribe

One of our greatest success stories has been our partnership with Rosa Scribe (Cree, Norway House).  She began working with us a few years ago by sending us 3 pairs of unique handmade mukluks. We took pictures of them for her and put them on our website to sell. Within a few months all 3 were sold for $1200 each! Since then, we’ve sold almost a dozen of her one-of-a-kind pieces and she continues to send us more.

Rosa Scribe
Rosa Scribe

As a talented beadworker, we also consulted with her on a project called “The Kanada Collection”. She designed the beadwork pattern for us and we used it to produce over two thousand pairs of mukluks and moccasins. With every sale of a Kanada Mukluk and Moccasin Rosa gets a portion of the profits to teach a mukluk-making class in her community. In this way, we’ve worked together to ensure that the tradition will be passed onto the next generation in her community.


Want to learn more? Watch a video about Rosa Scribe HERE.

Kanada Mukluk
The Rosa Scribe Kanada Mukluk









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